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The Projects

The Education Futures Collaboration provides an e-infrastructure, which both connects together the isolated initiatives and creates national and international development capacity, allowing for knowledge exchange and co-creation between educators, teacher educators, policy-makers and academics nationally and internationally:

Education Communities

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These communities support global partnerships, co-research and collaborative networks for innovative educators, engaged in improving the quality of education in every context. New community work spaces can be quickly set up to respond to needs of members. Membership to the platform is open to anyone interested in education.


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Mapping Education Specialist knowHow (MESH) is a ‘map of education’ which provides access to subject and concept specific research-based knowledge about barriers to students’ learning, including interventions most likely to remove barriers. The MESH approach uses online graphical flowcharts or pathways to form maps, as a way of presenting complex knowledge, each node in the pathway providing a link to the display of more in-depth knowledge. The resources presented in these online pathways can be accessed in any web based format such as text, audio or video and are underpinned with rigorous high quality research evidence. This approach is based on a successful model used in the medical field and adopts the ideas of knowledge management to the managing and building of a professional knowledge base for the field of education.


The educator Research & Development & Review (RaDaR) groups are networks of teacher researchers and academics who review and report on existing evidence and undertake collaborative research where evidence is needed. The outputs of these groups create pathways for MESH and evidence for the knowledge repositories. This approach builds on and extends innovative work happening across the sector e.g. Professor Colleen McLaughlin’s work with the Schools - University Partnership at the University of Cambridge and Dr Ian Terrell’s work with schools across north west London through MidWheb.

Associated Activities

A variety of associated organisations are running activities which dovetail with this work on effective knowledge management and professional networking. A number of these take forward projects initially funded by what was the Training and Development Agency for schools (TDA) or the Higher Education Academy. These are now managed by professional associations, universities or other groups:

  • Behaviour2Learn

  • Multiverse, being relaunched shortly by the University of Cumbria

  • Teacher Training Resource Bank 3

  • Education Evidence Portal

  • Teacher Education Advancement Network

  • Mirandanet

  • Specialist Teacher Training Resources